why we have to learn our own language?

December 10, 2009

read the title!

did you ever asking like that?

did you feel that is so wasting time?

I live in Indonesia, and there it is Indonesian Language subject. at first I dont bother, I mean, this subject about learning our own language is not important.

but why this subject exists every grade through elementary to high school? It also exists in the National Exam.

From not important to a boring subject, because we just learning that, and that, and that subject again. you know going around with poems, rhymes, short stories, grammar, drama, debate, speech, it can all learn just by 3 years not the whole of our school life.

The practice exam also, doing it again, again and again.

compare to other languages that still new in our life, we can masterize it for about 3 years. so why this own language really bothers?

It doesnt like we go to other country and use that language right??

well, it doesnt mean i underestimate my own language,

I just hope the subject that learning own language is shortened and kicked from the National Exam.


Hello world!

December 5, 2009

I just start to make this wordpress blog.

well, blogging is one of my hobies.

my blogs of all:

Just Feel The Breeze. All my anime, manga, reviews are there.

Atashi no Jiken Nooto. About my life journey.

Naarakun. for placing my girly side there. 🙂

Actually, the first blog is also the place for the random things I had. But I think it do be great if I separate it.

So, what is this blog for?

A Random Though Of An Otaku Blog.

As the title said, in this blog I will place my random thoughs, but not about Anime and Manga, but about how life is going on. If I feel pittied or happy, I will posts here. no, is not like a diary.

Its like I shout out my though about random things. You will know if I posts more. yeah, I am just started. XP