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New Header!!

December 24, 2010

Changed the header to the festive season~!!! ^^
if you still want to view the old header, here :

will be change back on 3rd January.


It has been a while

December 22, 2010

Godddd~!!! I miss this blog so much!!!

and what we have here, I ‘ve logged in after a year! Yup that explains why there’s still this snow appearance!

So much memories.

It’s okay I wont abandon this blog.

I am genius! I just love how my thoughts deliver here perfectly!

I hope you keep visiting for more random thoughts!



Also If you want to know how my life goes on please add my blog : I share photos and more random things there!!



okay if you are still confusing.

This blog (A Random ThoughT of an Otaku Blog) will contains :





depends on events that happened in my life.

So this blog is worth to read, si?

I love you guys.~

see ya for updates!