Hello world!

December 5, 2009

I just start to make this wordpress blog.

well, blogging is one of my hobies.

my blogs of all:

Just Feel The Breeze. All my anime, manga, reviews are there.

Atashi no Jiken Nooto. About my life journey.

Naarakun. for placing my girly side there. 🙂

Actually, the first blog is also the place for the random things I had. But I think it do be great if I separate it.

So, what is this blog for?

A Random Though Of An Otaku Blog.

As the title said, in this blog I will place my random thoughs, but not about Anime and Manga, but about how life is going on. If I feel pittied or happy, I will posts here. no, is not like a diary.

Its like I shout out my though about random things. You will know if I posts more. yeah, I am just started. XP


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